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Best Kinds of Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles

If you are looking to buy stone for your building, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the stones and their application before choosing and buying them, and then purchase the stone for your floor. Because familiarity with the stone features helps you choose a stone that will maintain its beauty and beauty for many years, depending on the use and the climatic and environmental conditions. One of the features of natural stones is the great variety of colors and designs that cover different tastes. The rocks should be selected depending on their geographical location and use. Best Kinds of Natural Stone and most suitable building stone are granite, marble and travertine depending on their application.

Best Kinds of Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles

Great Collection of Travertine Mosaic Tiles Products

Great Collection of Travertine Mosaic Tiles ProductsTravertine stone is resistant to climate change, rain and snow, and varied in color, and no space is defined for the use of travertine stone Travertine can be used in both outdoor and indoor spaces. Be. The travertine stones are veined in such a way that they can be cut and processed in undulating type. In recent years, the use of travertine stone for the exterior of buildings has been very common. Travertine stones are also used in the floor of some places, and because of their soft structure, they are suitable for people looking for 2 cm or 2.5 cm thick stone. Mined travertine blocks are mined with different colored heads, so they are categorized into different color categories after they are cut. One of the most important parameters affecting the price of travertine tile paint is that the closer the color of the stone to the brighter the color, the more expensive the stone will be. Travertine rocks in nature appear in different colors:

  • Limo
  • Gray
  • Black
  •  White
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • Cream
  •  chocolate
  •  Walnut
  •  Yellow

In addition to being used in building facades, travertine stone is used in interior facades and paving. There are many mines in the country that have this rock. Travertine stone has the good cutting ability. Travertine also contains calcium and is most commonly used in hot areas of Siri. The price of travertine for building facades varies in the market. The quality of the stone and the brand of the company that puts it on the market has a huge impact on the price of travertine. It is one of the largest companies producing and marketing travertine stone in various forms, including travertine tile.

What are the specifications of travertine stones?

Travertine stone is widely used in building facades because of its pores; however, today with the advancement of technology and strong fillers, travertine and glass mosaic tile are also used as floor stones for its unique beauty.

Travertine rocks have high water absorption and low compressive strength, and the use of this stone for flooring requires special care and maintenance. Travertine stone is mostly used for stone and stone artifacts. Travertine is also used for paving the area.

The travertine is solid in color and has good resistance to frost and ice; however, it has little compressive strength and high-thickness rocks should be used for paving the area. It is also advisable to use the stone as a bush or hammer to prevent slippery and slippery stones. The travertine is suitable for floor and bamboo flooring, and travertines that are processed with a strong resin and epoxy fillers are also suitable for interior paving.

Those who manufacture travertine are the seller of this product. The travertine stone is marketed by representatives of various companies. You can go to these dealers to buy these types of stones and buy the types of stone and the best travertine.

These dealers sell travertine and glass mosaic tile and other types of stone. The characteristics of travertine stone, as well as its beauty and application in various parts of the building, make the market for all types of travertine stone good.

Most people who work in construction recommend this stone for hot areas of Siri. Buying and selling all types of travertine stone for interior and exterior of the building, is done by representatives of different companies.

Manufacturers and importers of stone are the best selling centers for this material. Representatives of various companies are manufacturers and importers of travertine stone, active throughout the country and are somehow the center of sale of these types of stones. The best travertine stone can also be found at online stores or on the websites of the manufacturing and importing companies. Online stores like this site allow you to compare stones in terms of price and quality and buy the best stone.

Find the Perfect Mosaic Travertine Tile For Export

Find the Perfect Mosaic Travertine Tile For Export Marble is a very beautiful, widely used and amazing stone that has been in human service for many years. After cutting and polishing the marble can be used in numerous cases. Flooring, wall decoration, exterior, sculpture, mosaic, staircase and many more are applications of marble.

Marble is found in colors that are not found in other natural stones. Because of the strength and durability of this type of stone and its unparalleled beauty, architects and interior designers use this type of stone to make their designs more luxurious. It has also become a popular and expensive stone for use in the building due to its polished surface and a smooth mirror surface. Marble gives the home decoration its splendor and is well worth the investment in interior design because of its high strength and charm. Features of marble tile mosaics:

  • Very high density
  • Exceptional subtlety
  • Very high wear resistance
  • Glossy and polished surface
  • Appropriate compressive strength
  • Very convenient porosity
  • Absorb water
  • Light passing ability

marble tile mosaics are the most ideal choice for indoor use, and on the other hand, the high color variety and the ability to implement roles on this stone and its subtlety make it distinct from other stones.

The polished surface, the unique glaze and the beautiful colors of marble make this stone flooring and wall covering in the building. Marble has a cool nature and is used in green, white, black, purple, red, gray and yellow. Marble is more expensive than other stones. In our country, there are various quarries of marble which are found with great variety and spread all over the country. The stone is processed in tiles and slabs. The slab and epoxy method is used in the slab to increase the fracture resistance of the stone, which is more efficient than the tile method.

Different species of travertine stones on the market

As you know, stones are one of the main building materials. A variety of stones are used on the interior and exterior facades of buildings. Stones also have their own applications based on their structure and properties. Travertine stone is also one of the most used stones in the construction of various types of houses and other buildings. Travertine is a sedimentary rock that is found and produced in various forms. The price of premium travertine stone can vary depending on the type and quantity you buy, but it can be purchased at wholesale prices at bargain prices. Travertine rock is a sedimentary rock that has a cavity shape and is found in two simple and corrugated types.

 This stone is mostly cream, white, yellow, red, lemon, Portuguese, brown, walnut, gray or a combination of these due to the presence of iron, calcium, and impurities in it and may change this color. The very thin layers are regular or irregular, with a special texture similar to that of wood, which is referred to as scar tissue. The dimensions that are commonly provided by colorful mosaic tiles are 30 and 40 inches long. (Mean width 30 and 40 and free lengths) Also, its usual thickness is 1.6 to 2 cm. Currently, in the Iranian market, the stones are usually 1.6 or 1.8 thick and therefore their loading weight will be different. Colorful mosaic tiles can also be made in different sized tiles based on the type of stone. Usually, travertine stone waste occurs during the processing of tiles. Antique stones are called rocks that have a rough appearance and are reminiscent of the actual appearance of stones in nature…

The travertine stone is extracted from the mine as raw material and then shipped to the stone processing plants. The rocks are first cut under the saw into small and large cuts. The standard length of the longitudinal rock in Iran is 40 cm. The reason for this is that the rocks are not 40 cm wide to move, too heavy and cumbersome. Also, the width of the stone is not too low for its beauty. Of course, these sizes are not fixed and the stone can be processed up to 2cm in length. How much stone is cut depends on the equipment used.

Pavements are no exception. Paving stones made of travertine are very common for 40 x 40 or 50 x 50 dimensions. The reason is that these stones are being marketed at a more reasonable price and demand is higher. Larger sizes are offered at higher prices that have their own customers and are suitable for commercial or special spaces. If the stone is cut with a peg or thigh razor, it is further processed with a width of 40 cm. This is largely due to the limitations that these devices create. But if the saw is used for cutting, the stone will first be cut into large cuts and eventually resized according to the customer’s opinion.

Wholesale market of travertine mosaic tiles in 2019

Wholesale market of travertine mosaic tiles in 2019What is a Mosaic Tile? Mosaic tiles have been popular and used for a variety of reasons. For this reason, the tile designs are almost endlessly varied, and each of these designs can have a different color, pattern, and texture. In addition, the mosaic tile is almost impervious to water, making it a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens. In ancient times mosaic was a decorative design or artwork made of small materials (such as pieces of stone or glass) to form a particular pattern or image. Mosaic art is an ancient art dating back centuries and even today it is still very popular in home design.

Mosaic tile is a combination of different materials such as glass, ceramic, porcelain, or stone, which is usually placed in small molds and mounted on a sheet of wood for quick and easy installation. The only difference between mosaic tile and mosaic is that the mosaic is smaller than the mosaic tile. Mosaic tiles are used for floor and wall covering or other surfaces. There are two classes of mosaic tiles that are divided into two types of tile surface and rough or rough surface according to the type of tile surface. Mosaic tile The surface of the tile is suitable for wall covering, while the rough surface of the tile is suitable for covering the floor as it prevents slipping. But both tile surfaces do not have the ability to withstand serious damage to chemicals, oils, pressures, and scratches. The company is one of the mosaic tile companies involved in the production of these products.

Most expensive colors of travertine mosaic tiles

Travertine stone is one of the most used stones in the building. The beauty, colorfulness, and durability of this stone have made it a lot to use in the building. Other stones, such as granite, marble, etc., have different uses in the construction of buildings. They are sold in a variety of sizes and colors that can be used indoors and outdoors. The price of travertine is different in the market. Every company is pricing this stone based on quality, type of cut and color. Sometimes companies also sell travertine stone auctions and can be bought and used at lower rates. To find out more about the types of travertine and how to buy travertine stones, it is advisable to visit their dealers in each city you live in or contact their vendors on the companies’ websites. Internet sites that deal with stone, especially travertine, are another option for pricing. Excellent quality travertine for sale in a variety of colors and affordable prices can be purchased at this sales center.

Find active suppliers and wholesalers of travertine mosaic tiles

Find active suppliers and wholesalers of travertine mosaic tiles clearance travertine tile: Exports of travertine to Turkey make up a significant portion of the currency each year. Travertine is one of the most important stones used especially in construction. Due to its features and advantages, it has become one of the most popular types of stones. Exported travertine stone is exported to different countries in different forms, not cut, slab or cut. An important point in all types of exported stones such as travertine is the quality of stone and its processing according to international standards. These stones are cut into slabs and are cut and sold in the country of destination in the desired sizes. Various companies in the country are active in exporting various types of stone, delivering this product in bulk and shipping it to other countries inappropriate pallets.

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