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granite floor tiles| Fantastic granite tiles with reasonable price

tile is ceramic and ceramic products that are used in the thin-layer
stage, the construction of which is also called synthetic stones.
word is derived from the name of Kashan city, which was famous as the
center of pottery industry from the early Islamic era.

granite floor tiles is glossy. This  tiles is suitable for the facade of the building and the courtyard.  granite ceramic is a good alternative to granite according to its design and reasonable price. Due
to the consumer’s taste, it is also possible to use the floor. It’s
just that there is a lot of space that this ceramic should work.

Granite flooring is a perfect stone for the reception floor. Because of its high durability, color stability, brittle resistance.granite floor tiles| Fantastic granite tiles with reasonable price

10 tips for buying granite floor tiles

10 tips for buying granite floor tilesWhen the word
tile comes to my ear most of the time, the name of the ceramic tile
comes to mind. Of course, it is not surprising, since ceramic tiles are
undoubtedly the most commonly used coating in the realm of painting and
decorating residential and commercial properties. The use of ceramic
tile from 4000 years before in the city of Baghdad to The use of space
spells in the present era has a long history. Ceramic tile has a key
role in the architecture of residential buildings, due to its beautiful
appearance and as a common theme.Types of tiles based on the structure
Porcelain tiles:
tiles are made at a very high temperature, which makes this type of
tile very high, has a higher resistance, hardness and tensile strength
than other tiles.

Cement tile:
The process of making these tiles is that they pour the material into molds and heat them or dry them naturally.

Mosaic tile:
tiles are made in two types of porcelain or ceramic in the size of 2.5
cm², and their installation can be either individually or first
pre-installed on plastic sheets or paper and then used
. These mosaics have two glazed and non-glazed ones.

Pavement tile:
The appearance of these tiles is almost like bricks, and their thickness is less than bricks. These tiles are used for flooring, patios and sometimes bathrooms.

granite flooring:Which is divided into two types: 1-black granite flooring. 2-white granite floor tiles.

main reasonably priced granite tiles suppliers

main reasonably priced granite tiles suppliersIn the building, the most important thing to look for is ceramic tile.

Buying and selling major ceramic tiles is a way for the buyer to more profit and sell vendor products.

Also, some factories are auctioning their products in bulk for emptying the stock and not matching the color scheme.

This is to empty the warehouse and bring new products to the market.

Sales of products are carried out in two major ways and in a low area.

Major sales of ceramic tiles are made at lower prices.

Often vendors and manufacturers of depot products in stock are being sold at lower prices.

granite floor tiles cons and pros

granite floor tiles cons and prosGranite flooring is a perfect stone for the reception floor. Because of its high durability, color stability, brittle resistance, easy maintenance and easy maintenance of its unique features. Granite stone with its unique variety can be the most suitable rock for the floor of the building. The designers combine granite stone with other stones to create unique designs.
Disadvantages of using granite floor

1- Granite is a very hard stone and can be damaged if objects and children are touched.
 2. Granite is a lime stone and there is a possibility of glide on the zinc.
 3- When pulling on the device, it produces a lot of noise for the floor.
    The price is very expensive.
   4. This floor is very heavy and requires skill in installation.

how to find granite tiles in specific size?

how to find granite tiles in specific size?Of course, at first
glance, all the friends are likely to respond. Indeed, selling
large-size products is much more cost-effective and more desirable in
the consumer market, and the sales price of the products is bigger and
there is less competitor in the market, so the production of products 60
* 120 is much better and more affordable.
But the reality is something else, consumers still do not exactly understand the relationship between size and
granite flooring designs,
most of them think that big size means better design, if the main
requirement of the consumer of ceramic tile and ceramic is not his
product A beauty salon decorated with ceramic and tile demands. In fact,
the size and quality of the raw materials (white, red, porcelain, water
absorption) are all defined in the form of a decor, which the consumer
needs, and to fulfill his wishes, based on the direction of the seller,
advertising, market effects and other consumption Buyers and decorators
decide to buy.

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