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Granite Kitchen Countertops |Modern & Contemporary Stones 2019

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Stone is one of the most beautiful and natural materials, and it makes use of it in different spaces of luxury and fascinating buildings. Unique stone beauty is evident for all designers, architects and builders, and they use this material in most of their projects. Rocks are extracted from the minerals found on the surface of the earth, and each of them has different properties and properties due to its formation process.

The stone used for construction uses a different color, texture, design and dimensions, and is chosen according to the location of use and resistance.

Granite Kitchen Countertops |Modern & Contemporary Stones 2019

Is Selling Granite for Export More Profitable?

 Is Selling Granite for Export More Profitable?granite price

Of stone in cases such as flooring, wall coverings, facades, washbasins, dishwashers, kitchen countertops, stairs and so on. The stones used for the exterior of the building have a high resistance to weathering, atmospheric changes, sunlight, humidity and … But the inside stones have less resistance, but their beauty and surface finish are unique. . Today, due to the importance of interior decoration, the use of these materials has become widespread in the building, and their variety has made it possible for customers to choose and buy stones according to their budget, taste and decoration. The price of stones is slightly more expensive compared to other materials, but the durability and long lifespan of this material have been present in most homes.

The cabinet is one of the essentials of every kitchen, which, if you choose the right combination of body and cantrate, has a great impact on the beauty of the decoration. Different stones are chosen for the kitchen countertops, each of which has its own advantages and characteristics.

How to Increase the Sales of Granite?

How to Increase the Sales of Granite?grade a granite colors

Cornic stone

Corean stone is one of the artificial rocks available in various colors on the market. It has a seamless integrated surface, hence an antibacterial stone that does not allow contamination, growth of bacteria and fungi on it. Countercurlers made from corin are highly resistant to water penetration, they are anti-staple and easily cleaned with wipes. Along with the benefits mentioned above, Counter Currin may be scratched by a sharp object like a knife, in addition, these cans do not have high resistance to heat and pressure. Therefore, care should be taken when using these counters and take care of them after purchase.


The marble is a beautiful stone with a smooth, clear surface that gives it a luxurious kitchen in the kitchen. The white color of this stone and its unparalleled clarity give it a neat and pleasant look. The cabinet with marble countertops always looks clean but requires care and maintenance. It does not have a high resistance to impact and sharp objects, and it’s scratching. In addition, acidic substances cause corrosion of this rock, so it is important to prevent the collision of these materials with the counter. The marble counter has a classic appearance and offers a clean, white surface for preparing and preparing food. The price of marble is higher than that of granite.

What are the Latest Unique Models of Stones for Sale?

What are the Latest Unique Models of Stones for Sale?

Quartz stone

Quartz stone is a durable and hard rock, which is an ideal option for making cabinet countertops. This stone has the ability to withstand the impact it has on food preparation and its resistance to erosion is high. Quartz countertops are scratch-resistant, and the collision of sharp tip surfaces does not spoil it, in addition, hot containers can be placed on this counter because it does not cause any harm to heat. Quatz stone is an antibacterial agent that prevents the growth of bacteria and pathogens. Quartz countertops can be cleaned with wet wipes and dust is removed from its surface. It is easier to maintain and care for this counter than other countertops. The price of quartz roof gutter is different and it can be easily purchased according to the budget of the product.

Why Using Granite in Constructions is Stylish?

Why Using Granite in Constructions is Stylish?

white granite countertops


Granite Stone is in the category of igneous rocks and it has a great durability and durability. The color of this rock has pink, red, brown, blue, black, green, and so on, and in its tissue minerals such as mica, quartz, amphibole and feldspar are found. Granite stone has polishing ability and, in the case of sublimation and polishing, its surface will be uniform, smooth and polished. Features of granite stones include resistance to water penetration, erosion, impact, hardness and durability, color variation and long life. Granite is not damaged by chemicals, so it does not lose its strength if it is poured on granite and chemical detergents. This stone is an antibacterial stone that prevents the accumulation of contamination and does not allow the growth of mushrooms and mildew. Heat resistances are also other features of this stone, so it’s easy to imagine that hot containers can be placed on it. Granite counters will not be damaged if exposed to heat in the vicinity of the stove and their color does not change. Granite countertops can be cleaned with a detergent-impregnated cloth and wiped dust and grease from the surface. Granite countertops are of great popularity and are available in various designs and colors that can be used in traditional and modern kitchens.

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