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granite slabs for sale near me | 10 way for buying inexpensive

granite slabs for sale near me

Stone is one of the most used and most popular building materials used from the past to today. In the past, people used stones to build houses and the importance of this material was higher than metal. Nowadays, with the advent of science and technology, stone extraction has become easier and its use in the construction industry has increased dramatically. Rocks have unique capabilities that are not comparable to other building materials.

granite slabs for sale near me | 10 way for buying  inexpensive

Where is cheapest place to buy granite ?

Where is cheapest place to buy granite	?granite wholesale near me

Among them, they can be durable and highly resistant, good solderability, high abrasion and impact resistance, ability to cut and polish, washability, color stability, heat and humidity resistance, suitable tensile and bending strength, non Penetrability, resistance to weather changes, hardness and high compressive strength, resistance to acidic and alkaline materials, and so on. The stone is used to cover the interior walls of the building, the facade, the pavement, the walls and the foundation, the floor of the street, and the pavement and decorations.

Stones are used extensively due to their resistance to various factors in building. In the present era, due to the ease of stone mining operations, its use is expanding and used in various places of the building. Among the applications of stone in the construction industry, one can mention the following:

how much is granite slab worth per pound?

how much is granite slab worth per pound?granite countertops sale

Floor of the building and stairs

The stone used for stairs and flooring will be exposed to wear and shock, so it should be very hard and have a high abrasion and impact resistance. The stone used for this part of the building should be cut in one direction, such as sedimentary and metamorphic rocks that have the advantage. In addition, rock floors and stairs due to exposure to contamination should have a small porosity, so that they can not be damaged by washing with detergents and pouring acidic substances or playing on them. Amongst the rocks that are suitable for the floor and the stairs, quartzite and gneisses can be mentioned.

Covering the walls of the building

The use of stone for the inner wall of the building gives it a very gorgeous appearance. Basically, stone is used to cover the bathroom walls and sanitary ware, office buildings, stores, dining halls, and so on. The stone used for the wall should have a beautiful, superficial appearance. In addition, its porosity is low so that it does not damage the detergent and does not reduce its resistance.

how can you buy granite slabs direct?

how can you buy granite slabs direct?

cheapest place to buy granite

Building Facade

Another use of stone is the building facade. For the facade, durable and durable stones are used to prevent damage to various environmental factors. Variable atmospheric conditions, sunlight, glaciation, dust, acid rain, air pollution, etc. are among the factors that affect rock resistance. Therefore, before making stone and buying rock, it should be investigated for its minerals. Stones with iron ore do not have high resistance to burnout and are oxidized to the air. In addition, if impurities occur in a part of the rock, it can lead to destruction. The stone is selected based on the area and the weather conditions in which the building is based. For example, porosity-limited rocks are suitable for cold regions because freezing or wind blowing will not cause them to be destroyed. Before design, the useful life of the building should be estimated, then selected according to that stone. Due to the presence of open air and changing atmospheric conditions, the stones must be stable.

who is largest importer of granite?

who is largest importer of granite?


Granite is one of the igneous rocks that consists of quartz, feldspar, mica and amphibole minerals. Stone granite is very hard and durable and has a high polishing capability. Granite rocks are found in red, black, brown, chocolate, pink, blue and green. The aggregates of this rock are coarse and visible to the eye.

Granite resistance to marble and travertine stones is more than ever, and its glossy and glossy surface is further preserved. Granite is the most commonly known stone used in the construction industry. Granite rocks are used for building facades, pavers, cabinets, stairs and so on. Granite is the best option for building steps. Building steps due to excessive traffic jams and contamination on them, so they should use a stone like granite, which has high resistance and durability.

Granite Stone Features

Resistance to impact and erosion

Resistance to environmental factors

Variation in color and appearance

Resistance to water penetration

High hardness

Strength and long life

Granite prices are slightly more expensive compared to other rocks, because the cost of extraction and polishing of these rocks is a bit expensive. For this reason, most of this type of stone is often used to represent important buildings.

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