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natural stone tile | Buy & Sell with Affordable Price

Ceramic and ceramic tiles are used in different parts of the building, such as bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. The tile name is derived from the name of the city of Kashan, which has been the center of pottery industry since the early Islamic era.  

The tile has different type. The use or non-use of glaze is the most important factor in the distinction between different types of tiles. The porosity of the tile is also of secondary importance. The color in glazed tiles can be entered in the tile tissue. This color can be a natural color of clay, or a pigment that has been added to the clay before baking the tile. In some cases, in glazed tiles, the paint (usually a mixture of lead silicate and pigments) is applied to the surface glaze after baking the body. Then put the tile back into the oven to melt the glaze with the body. Glazed tiles have more diverse colors, designs, and texture than the type without glazing.  

A piece of tile consists of two parts:  

  1. The clay which forms the main part and the tile’s skeleton.  
  2.  Glazing on it, which is a glass substance and its upper part.  

 Ceramic tiles (in the market) are called ceramic tiles, which are glazed on ceramics. Today natural stone tile is known in every country and is highly bought and sold. 

natural stone tile | Buy & Sell with Affordable Price

What is considered natural stone?

What is considered natural stone?Natural stone refers to building stones that are extracted from natural mines and used after productivity. These stones are named in a variety of categories, the name of the stone mining as its name is used. The most common natural stones are: 

  1. Granite 
  2. Gabbro 
  3. Sandstone including limestone sandstone, Silica sandstone, Iron oxide sandstone, Dolomite sandstone. 
  4. Diorite 
  5. Quartzite 
  6. marble tiles: This type of stone is a combination of natural stone and tile. 
  7. Travertine 

But artificial stones, such as ceramic and tile, are made from materials like clay and different types: 

  • tile flooring: (for use on the floor of the buildings): tile flooring should be tight, high-tensile and low absorbance due to their high friction. That’s why these types of tiles are usually cooked at higher temperatures than wall tiles. In addition, the thickness of this type of tile is usually greater than the thickness of the tile in the wall. 
  • Wall tiles (stone tiles for walls  of the building): These types of tiles are usually cooled at a lower temperature than the floor tile, so they have water absorption higher and make their glazes more transparent.

Note: High water absorption (up to the standard) for tile walls is not considered to be negative and this high water absorption is technically necessary. The tile flooring can be used for the wall, but the wall tile can not be used for floor.

What is the best natural stone for tiles?

What is the best natural stone for tiles?If you want to choose the best natural stone for a tile, we suggest using a marble stone. These stones are of great quality and are sold in various designs and colors, and can enhance the beauty of your home. This type of stone is popular among buyers of building stones. Marble stone is well sold in international markets, and it can be said that the marble has a lower porosity than travertine. 

What can I use to clean natural stone tiles?

What can I use to clean natural stone tiles?Cleaning natural stone tile is a very simple task. To clean floor and wall tiles, it is best to use a detergent with less acid and alkaline content. With a Wet fabric and a little detergent, you can clean and transparent the natural stone tile of the house. Of course, stone and tile cleaners are also sold in stores. 

What is the most durable stone tile?

What is the most durable stone tile?This is a general question. Many criteria should be considered to determine the durability of a rock. Tiles and stones must be resistant to detergents and shock, cold and heat. If the porosity is lower in tiles, their resistance is higher. Tiles that have a lot of crack have lower durability. So you can say that marble is the most durable stone. 

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