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stair stone | Most dominant stair stone and cost effective

When an architect decides to build a building, one has to think of the best and most standard materials to build. Safe construction can save multiple households. After the safety of the building, the most impressive building is its facade and staircase design. Even when buying a home, most buyers, while securing the building, place the appearance of the building in their second priority. The staircase is a local building that both residents of the building and guests are dealing with while traveling. So it is better for architects to use the most beautiful, gorgeous and most beautiful staircase stone when constructing a residential or commercial home. The most common stair stone is the granite stone and the most popular color is beige color.

stair stone | Most dominant stair stone and cost effective

most popular stair stone in the world

most popular stair stone in the worldAll types of stone staircases include granite, diorite and marble. The best stone to design is the granite staircase. Granite stone has the highest degree of resistance between the rocks. Each rock has a special shelf life in different weather conditions. The resistance of the rocks is very different and the best kind of rock is a stone that is resistant to water, pollution and impact, and resistant to stone rubbing. Granite is the most suitable choice for the staircase floor, some of the features of the granite are:

  • Granite stone has a very high resistance. 
  • Granite gems have excellent polish and brightness. 
  • Granite stone is suitable because of lack of lime, resistant to staircase design. Each rock that has lime has a low resistance. 
  • Granite stone is very resistant to water penetration and it is not in any way problematic for water, it is not a problem of stone rubbing and is therefore suitable for staircase design. 

different stone for internal and external stairs

different stone for internal and external stairsStones are known as one of the strongest and most beautiful building materials. The choice of stone staircases has always been one of the most basic issues for architects and designers, and it is possible to use a variety of stones to construct and design magnificent stairs. Although many staircase stones are considered as a heavy and rough element in the building, they can be displayed in the best possible way through a rigorous design. There are many examples of staircase stone in old buildings that multiply the magnificence and attractiveness of the building. But the existence of these stairs in modern times is also not rare, and in many buildings you will encounter staircases with stone types. As it was said, Marble stone is a beautiful stone that you can use it in internal stairs. For External stairs it is better to use granite due to its high resistance.

Iranian high quality stones and best suppliers

Iranian high quality stones and best suppliersA stone staircase should have a high resistance to wear. It is possible to damage the stone staircase in public places, such as offices, health centers, and educational centers more than the other areas in which these stones are used. In addition to abrasion, these rocks are also subject to contamination and impact. Also, some types of stones are absorbed by moisture and water, which are sprayed onto them, and they will become dull. Iran has the biggest stones mines around the world. The world’s best marble and granite stones are specific to Iran and it is exporting these stones to different countries around the world. You can find different floor stones in Iran with beautiful patterns. 

where to buy stair stone in Iran

where to buy stair stone in IranGranite is one of the oldest, most durable and most popular rocks in the building, which is used not only inside the building, but also in the facade of the building and exterior spaces. Granite, with its beautiful appearance, makes the space luxurious, elegant and unique. The stone includes white, pink, light gray and dark brown, dark green and black colors, so you can use it with  different decorations. Granite is the toughest building stones that has the highest resistance against scratches, abrasion, impact, spots and heat. Iranian granite is the best granite around the world. you can find floor stones in stores that are selling stones and even you can find an buy it from internet. 

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