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types of building stone| Various rock types suitable for building

types of building stone

The facade of the building is one of the main pillars of each structure in terms of design and construction, in such a way that the facade of the building introduces the identity card and identity of the structure and represents the taste and art of the owner and constructor.In recent years, the facade of the building has become more important and plays an important role in the construction of a building.Today, among all the facades that are designed and implemented, the stone facade has more fans.One of the reasons why building a rock facade is more lucrative is the magnificence of this type of view compared to other designs.Stone views have different types, including modern view, classic view, neoclassical view 

types of building stone| Various rock types suitable for building

what qualities a building stone must have?

what qualities a building stone must have?best building stone

The facade of the building is one of the main elements of each building and plays an important role in the identity and beauty of each building.In many cases, the name of the building is derived from the view of that building and is somehow a building identity.In recent years, various materials have been used for the facade of the building, but one of the most used and most consumable materials, especially residential buildings, is a variety of natural stones.Natural stones have different types and each one has a different application and the question arises as to which type of stone is suitable for the facade of the building?

The stone suitable for the facade of the building should be selected according to the weather conditions of the environment in order to have a favorable shelf life.The use of building stone in the facade of the building is worth a lot.The stone facade, for example, offers a magnificent splendor to one.Availability, environmental compatibility, natural colors and nature inspired, fire resistance, shock, cold, heat and long durability, including the benefits of rock to other materials.Of course, the use of stone in the facade of the building has points that can be combined with a proper selection of durability and beauty of the building and reduce the cost of repair and reconstruction.The first point when buying rock is the fact that rock is a mineral and extracted from nature, and should not be expected to be smooth and tall as a ceramic tile or chipboard.Rocks are an indication of the beauty that lies in the heart of nature and the choice of stones, the choice of colors and designs.Most building stone buyers are confused and confused when choosing the right stone, and they choose their own stone based on their true sayings and beliefs.If you are considering buying a stone, you should choose your stone according to the space used in the building.

5 tips for design building facade

5 tips for design building facadeNatural stones are very diverse, each of which has their own special features and uses.Among the various types of building stones, travertine, granite, china and stone are suitable for the facade.

Granite stone

Granite Stone is an igneous rock composed of cooled molten volcanoes.Granite granite is available in granular form, often in granular, white, green, pink, black and red colors.Granite rocks have a very high resistance and are used for the facade of the building and the flooring of industrial and industrial areas.Granite stone is used in modern specimens, especially commercial and commercial.

Granite Stone Features

• Granite rocks have a high density and have high resistance to impact and pressure.

• Granite rocks have good subobjection and have high abrasion resistance.

• Most granite stones are resistant to frost, heat, absorption of water and UV rays of the sun.

• Granite rocks do not have good adhesion to the mortar and should be used on the scaffold when mounting.

The color of granite stone depends on the mineral and the chemistry of the rock, and can be seen in nature in varying colors such as pink, gray, gray, black and …

most popular rock type for building

most popular rock type for buildingApplication of Granite Stone

Granites are more resistant to calcareous stones and have higher strength; hence, they are used for use in high-traffic areas, such as streets and public buildings and commercial buildings, and metro stations, and that use Granite for indoor spaces such as kitchen countertops, stairs and even blocks of blocks are unobstructed.Granite can also be a good option for our view, but one should not forget to skip rock.Granite rocks are used for building facades, pavers, cabinets, stairs and so on.Granite is the best option for building steps.Building steps due to excessive traffic jams and contamination on them, so they should use a stone like granite, which has high resistance and durability.The best place to use is granite stones, parking space, yard floor, open kitchen and rock staircase, and in general, high floors.

building stone slab price list

building stone slab price listThe benefits of granite

The finest facade of granite is a polished state that displays the beauty of color and the reflection of its crystals.Granite is often used for flooring and wall frames due to its special elegance and brilliance.In Iran, there are many minerals that are extracted from granite stones with different colors.Granite is one of the most popular and most popular building materials and has been used for thousands of years in the interior and exterior of buildings.Most granites are hard and thus form part of durable building materials.They are resistant to water penetration and impact, and tolerate industrial environments.

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